DualBootPRO Features List

DualBootPRO has been designed specifically to make manipulation and editing of the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store easy to use. DualBootPRO also includes built-in diagnostics to help find and correct errors in the BCD store, and a number of new utilities and advanced options.


Basic Features

  • Install a second Windows OS or manage your boot configuration

  • Never have to directly edit the BCD using the DOS Command Prompt

  • Back up all your boot information (BCD store) before editing

  • Change the order of the boot menu that appears when your PC starts

  • Set any Windows operating system to be the default

  • Rename any of your Windows operating system list entries

  • Improved built-in diagnostics help find and correct errors in the BCD store

  • Fully compatible with all available versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP

  • Supports all 64-bit Windows Operating Systems

  • Works with Windows Server 2003 & Windows Server 2008

Advanced Features

  • Limit the number of processors an operating system has access to

  • Limit the amount of memory an operating system has

  • Turn on/off PAE (used to allow applications to access memory over 4GB if supported)

  • Disable data execution prevention

  • Turn on driver debug during the boot screen

  • Disable the graphical boot environment

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Compatibility Logos

DualBootPRO offers full support for 64-Bit & 32-Bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2K SP4 and Windows Server 2003/2008.

DualBootPRO - Personal License
For home use on a single computer for personal use. Easily & neatly organize your boot configuration entries from within all flavors of Windows. Five complimentary downloads are provided with this license.

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DualBootPRO - Business License
For business use on in-house computers only. Thousands of businesses around the globe have trusted DualBootPRO to get the job done on their networks. Five complimentary downloads of DualBootPRO are provided with this license.

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